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Breezy Ridge Farm was established in 1983 by Phil and Liz Smith with a small flock of 40 ewes of mixed breed. The flock size was gradually increased over the next few years. Then in 1989, shortly after the release of the Rideau Arcott breed from the Agricultural Research Centre near Ottawa, Canada, where it had been in development since the early 1960's, Phil and Liz were able to acquire the first purebred Rideau ewes to come to Breezy Ridge Farm. Since that time, only purebred Rideau rams have been brought into the flock from a very limited number of flocks of purebred sheep.

The flock here on Breezy Ridge Farm has grown to an average of 300 pure bred Rideau ewes wintered each year. The flock has twice won awards from the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) for consistency of carcasses marketed through the OSMA forward contracting program. The flock also won , in 1999 , the award from the Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers Ltd. for excellence in Commercial Wool Production /Ontario East.

Phil and Liz are founding members of the Rideau Association of Canada.
Phil has been an executive member of the Rideau Association of Canada since 1990, as well as serving as a district director of York Region sheep producers for OSMA for 25 years. Phil is a graduate of the Master Shepherd certificate program from the University of Guelph.

The Farm itself consists of 45 Hectare (100 acres) of sandy loam in Southern Ontario, Canada.

As of 2006 Phil and Liz are pleased to welcome their son David who is working in the family business and on the farm with them full time, and their son Nicholas who is becoming an electrician while working on the farm in a part time capacity.